Updating phoenix bios drew van acker dating

Also having trouble getting into the bios function key is pressed e.g F9 change boot device order ,appears on the lover screen and will not with other function keys. Thanks My Hp laptop BIOS corrupted and my laptop was not power on only light blinking i follow this post and now its working might help someone or at least give you some idea cheers Meyerquote from webpage: "This method simulates/emulates a floppy drive.

This is necessary to stop cbrom from overwriting this file with your old microcode. Read this First, try one of the smaller, alternate microcode files mentioned earlier.

If you accidentally remove the microcode that your processor needs, your system may fail to boot.

We are not responsible if your system is damaged while attempting this.

The following command will delete all of the original microcode and replace it with the new microcode (which is in ncpucode.bin). If that doesn't help, you probably have a BIOS that doesn't support the method of updating the microcodes, and you'll need to use the 2nd method instead.

The following command will show you a list of all of the microcodes in your BIOS file: You should verify that the microcode for your processor's CPUID is present.