How to survive dating

Let’s get one thing straight, relationships are not the be-all and end-all, but when every romcom is telling you to “find the one” and your mother keeps reminding you about your biological clock, that can be easy to forget.According to dating expert and Mutual Attraction founder Caroline Brealey, dating changes in your twenties because “you’re starting to think of the future and who to share it with” and that can bring its own pressure.Her experiences and professional expertise led her to write the book she wanted to read as a single woman.

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But it’s really important, in amidst all of this, to forge connections and collaborations in real life – spaces where you can enjoy nuance and authenticity without the glare of a screen or an Instagram filter.During her single years, she found herself frustrated by self-help books that seemed to tell singles that they were doing everything wrong.Instead, she firmly believes that by staying true to yourself, making the most of the single life, and holding out for that special someone is exactly what you should be doing.If you ARE going to write a long winded profile don’t add the qualities you are NOT looking for.This just makes you come across as negative and demanding. Be open about your vulnerabilities up front This shakes a fist at every piece of dating advice ever but bear with me.