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Call (240) 685-1501 or stop in today to get started!Our memberships are extremely affordable ( a month or .99 a month for the PF Black Card®) combined with a high-value in-club experience.*Memberships billed monthly through a checking account.Lessons are available during the weekend and easy to schedule.My son has made more progress here than in two years of trying the county rec center classes.

In what is now a regular column here at Intimidation, David Maldonado, sports medicine expert, sports rehab specialist and MMA cutman tells us about his journeys across the USA working at MMA events.Also be sure to check out the Pro Fighting interview with David Maldonado, The Complete Cutman. With residual news seen on ESPN, Inside MMA and everwhere in between, XFC in Nashville drew the attention of many.A great female bout won by Stephanie Eggink and a quick title claim by submission for Nick Newell were a few of the highlights.It has been the perfect introduction to swimming for my daughter.The HR Series for Employers features best practices from Alberta employers like you.