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(photos of them both have a ring on their index finger.)Talking about pair rings... Discussing articles mainly related to Johnny's Entertainment. It’ll be called “Chau# / 我 I Need You” and will be released on April 29.Both of their agencies denied them dating, said he's a friend of Sae's brother (← their agencies confirmed that.)2.A friend of Fukasawa said that they've been dating for a year, Sae is pretty close to all Snow Man members and they even wear pair rings, pair bracelets now. The magazine report that Fukasawa Tatsuya, a member from Johnny's Jr unit Snow Man is staying overnight at Miyazawa Sae's house.Miyazawa Sae's agency and Johnny have deny the possibility of them dating.Tanishi Toshiyuki (Maruyama Ryuhei), a salaryman who works for a small toy manufacturer, has never had a girlfriend in the 27 years of his life. Ridiculed as uninteresting at his workplace, Toshiyuki is a hopeless employee nowhere near getting ahead in life.He is in love with his colleague, Uemura Chiharu (Minami Akina).

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However, there's rumor that Fukasawa Tatsuya is her brother's friend and Sae still live together with her family, thus explained why he's going to her house. I believe they got more scoop -.- They don't really have anything more than that summary up there.1.

They caught Fukasawa entering and staying over night at the mansion in which there is Sae's house.

Taguchi Junnosuke announced on 'Best Artist 2015' that he is leaving KAT-TUN next year.

He said that he wanted to make some changes as he turns 30 years old.